Join the DebtCleanse Attorney Network

Help regular Americans get out of crushing debt

DebtCleanse is disrupting the system of debt in the United States to help people across the country get out from under unaffordable debt. Become a DebtCleanse Plan Attorney to build your practice and make a real difference in peoples' lives.

Benefits of DebtCleanse:

  • DebtCleanse brings clients to you through its online platform
  • Receive a monthly fee for each member that selects you
  • Learn new techniques not taught in law school
  • No cost to join the network
  • Help free people from the debt payment cycle

Expectations from Plan Attorneys:

  • One phone consultation up to 30 minutes per member who selects you
  • One document review per month up to ten pages per member who selects you
  • Members save 25% on your normal hourly rate

Sign up for one of the introductory webinars for an overview on the DebtCleanse system and philosophy.

After the webinar you'll have the opportunity to sign up for online training on DebtCleanse techniques that are often not taught in law school, including a walkthrough of the online tools. You'll be able to complete your profile, and once you are approved you'll be listed in our digital attorney database.