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Millions of Americans go to the doctor or hospital with one ailment, but walk out with another: unaffordable medical debt. Your medical expense likely hit unexpectedly, devastating your family’s finances. The feelings of desperation can leave you feeling hopeless. However, you can get help with your unaffordable medical bills today.


What You Should Know About Unaffordable Medical Bills

An estimated 1 in 3 Americans report having difficulty paying their medical bills—that is, they have had problems affording medical bills within the past year, or they are gradually paying past bills over time, or they have bills they can’t afford to pay at all. In 2014, 43 million Americans had unpaid medical bills. And, more than 25% of Americans with health insurance have received a surprise medical bill. These surprise bills are often out-of-network physicians not selected by patients (for emergency care, for example), and can result in mark-ups including 2.5 times what Medicare pays, or higher.


Challenge Your Medical Bills

Did you request all the medical services you were billed for? Were all those tests and procedures really necessary? Were you advised of the full costs prior to treatment? Was a more cost-effective and/or medically beneficial remedy available? Were you billed more than others for the same exact services? You deserve these answers. Doctors and hospital administrators may have unjustly enriched themselves at your expense.


Cleanse Your Medical Bills

Debt Cleanse Group Legal Services exists to help you level the playing field with the doctors, hospitals, medical providers, collection agencies and debt buyers who may be pressuring you. We’re here to help you assert your rights against harmful practices, aggressive creditors, and unscrupulous debt buyers. Debt Cleanse can connect you with an attorney empowered with Debt Cleanse tactics who can help explore your options and assist you in cleansing your medical bills. Take your first step towards a fresh financial start by calling Debt Cleanse today.


Over 115 Attorneys

Connect with a cross-country network of attorneys motivated to help clear your debt for pennies on the dollar.

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Debt in America

72% of Americans are stressed about money and 22% feel “extreme” stress, according to an American Psychological Association study.