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DebtCleanse Group Legal Services launches in January 2019

The DebtCleanse online platform includes digital versions of all of the tools in the book plus access to a network of affordable attorneys trained in the DebtCleanse method and motivated to help.

What are people saying about the DebtCleanse steps?


Debt Cleanse is an amazing book that helps you deal with your debts in a healthy manner so that at the end of the day you are still victorious and not beaten down by all the debts.

Debt Cleanse is the second book of the writer Jorge Newbery. I had read his first book Burn Zones few months back and was more affected by the entrepreneurship of the man than by his writing style. The man is amazing and seems to be born with a great business sense. He started earning money at an age when most children would not know the meaning of money and established an empire when people are still struggle to get a job. Yet despite all the success, Jorge had remained grounded to his roots. The same grounded approach and business mind helped him deal with his debts when he had accumulated over $26 million.

Debt Cleanse is a small book but extremely handy for people in debt. So, if you find yourself in some big debt then take the help of this book to get yourself cleaned of all the outstanding dues and start afresh and live a better life.



The author in this book relies on personal experience of how he eliminated the hassle of Debt Collectors calling trying to collect on Debts owed. He also shares how he was able to dispute old debts, or even how to effectively renegotiate your contracts in your favor, so that paying off your debt (or even only a fraction thereof), is done in the easiest and best way for you.

I liked the premise of this book and having a few debts myself that I want to see eliminated, I am going to try many of the techniques and strategies laid out in this book. I am not a numbers person, or even a person well versed in legal matters, but the writing and content was presented in such a manner that even I was able to make sense of what he was trying to tell me. I think this is a very good book to have, to fall back on when things get rough and you need that extra bill gone.


Someone I know once made the statement that the most unhealthy lifestyle he can think of (could maybe be compared to or even worse than smoking and drinking excessively), is being stressed out of your wits because of debt. This may be too close to the truth and for startlingly too many people. All kinds of havoc has already resulted when people sink into the icy clutches of the dark waters of debt. Depression, divorce, suicide... the list goes on. Then along comes Jorge Newbery and writes a comprehensive tutorial on cleansing ourselves from this ominous beast. Of course we all know the ideal way with still the least stress is to never become entrenched like this in the first place, and it's just like Newbery says on page 9 of the Kindle version: "Debt Cleanse is not intended to show you how to go out, buy stuff, and then not pay. Instead, I want to show you how to rid yourself of the unaffordable debts you have today and go on to live fulfilling debt free lives forevermore, never again taking on debt." But, thankfully for those who are stuck in the irreversible, impossible quagmire, you have come upon a book written by someone who has been there, done that and got the T shirt. It's a long book, but judging the dire straights of some of our debts, maybe a quick little pamphlet won't cut it. This book does a thorough job of covering the bases and is written in common folk lingo.

So, before you give up, throw in the towel, or pull the plug (or whatever term we should use) get this book, roll up your sleeves and start breathing a bit again!