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Download the Guide to Payday Loans

Fill out this short form to receive an email with a link to download the payday loan chapter from the DebtCleanse book. It contains step-by-step strategies on how to take control of your payments, manage creditors and debt collectors, and clear your debt.

In this download you'll receive a comprehensive breakdown of the 15 steps you may need to take to clear your payday loan for pennies on the dollar, or even not a single cent.

You'll also get examples of letter templates you can use to push back against creditors and debt collectors.

Download the DebtCleanse guide to payday loans.
Find tools and strategies to clear your unaffordable debts.

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attorney network

Connect with an attorney

Schedule a 20-30 minute free monthly consultation and document review with a DebtCleanse plan attorney. Save 25% on any necessary legal work on your way to debt freedom.

debt tracker

Track your debts

Use the Debt Tracker to stay organized as you work to clear your unaffordable debts. Log communications, and upload documents viewable by your DebtCleanse plan attorney.

letter generator

Generate Letters

Automatically generate letters to push back against creditors and debt collectors. Demand proof of your debt, or stop collection calls to your workplace and to your friends and family.

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