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Download the Guide to Payday Loans

Fill out this short form to download the DebtCleanse Payday Loan Guide. It contains step-by-step strategies on how to take control of your payments, manage creditors and debt collectors, and clear your debt.

In this download you'll receive a comprehensive breakdown of the steps you may need to take to clear your payday loan for pennies on the dollar, or even not a single cent.

You'll also get examples of letter templates you can use to push back against creditors and debt collectors.

Download the DebtCleanse guide to payday loans.
Find tools and strategies to clear your unaffordable debts.

Clear your unaffordable student debts

Sample steps from the DebtCleanse Book:

  • Step One: Commit a crime
    Stop paying. This isn't actually a crime, but your payday lender might imply that it is. Close the bank account from which you gave the payday lender a post-dated check or authorized an electronic debit. If you have other accounts at the same bank, close them all and open at a different bank.
  • Step Six: Prove it
    If you receive a notice that your payday loan has been sold or the account has been transferred for collection to another firm, your payday lender has essentially conceded defeat. Mail in a letter to dispute and request validation. The small amount of most payday loans rarely justifies additional resources to collect.
  • Step Eight: See you in court
    If your lender wants to push this further you may be served with a lawsuit. The lender is likely expecting that you, like most borrowers, will not answer. You can win - or at least stall - the litigation by simply answering the suit. Some creditors will dismiss the cases against borrowers who answer and focus their efforts on the majority who do not.
  • Step Nine: Let me talk to my attorney
    Your goal is not simply to defend your lawsuit. Instead, you want to win, have your debt forgiven, get your legal fees paid, and maybe even get a cash settlement. Search the DebtCleanse network to find an attorney trained in these strategies and motivated to help.

Download the chapter to find out how to clear your unaffordable student loan debt.

What are people saying about the DebtCleanse steps?

 amazon review

There is more information in this book than I have seen in other money or debt help books I have looked at. The other thing I liked was that it wasn’t just about loans or credit card debt, but focused on a great many types of debt, like student loans and medical bills. I consider this a must read for people that are worried about debt and their credit.

chistian goodreads

Super informative, packed with great information that you can use to settle most of the debts weighting you down. I estimate the techniques advocated within will work for the vast majority of debtors and debts, although not 100% of the time (unfortunately, as Newbery reminds us, there is no magic bullet). The book is well-written and explained in such a way that even finance novices can understand. If you can't afford your debts, this book is well worth the price of admission.


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GoodReads Average Rating

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Use the Debt Tracker to stay organized as you work to clear your unaffordable debts. Log communications, and upload documents viewable by your DebtCleanse plan attorney.

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Automatically generate letters to push back against creditors and debt collectors. Demand proof of your debt, or stop collection calls to your workplace and to your friends and family.

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