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Secured personal loan transactions occur many times every second in America to sell goods, services, and even medical procedures such as breast implants and dental work. The consumer – maybe you – needed something, but didn’t have the cash. The seller offered financing, typically by hooking you on the monthly payment. “Buy Now, Pay Later” was the pitch. If it’s now “later” and you are struggling to pay your secured personal loan, Debt Cleanse may be able to help.


What You Should Know About Unaffordable Secured Personal Loans

The outfit which sold you the financed products likely arranged the loan on your stuff. For instance, that loan on an engagement ring was probably signed at a jewelry store and the easy financing on breast implants was likely set up at a cosmetic surgeon’s office. Your contact was likely with a clerical employee who ran through the agreement and disclosures with you: “sign here,” “initial here,” “accept this,” “yes, here…”

These employees should have gone through each document with you thoroughly, disclosing each feature of the loan. However, their commission was probably earned once the documents were signed and transmitted to the finance company. In all probability, the sweet-talking salesperson did not disclose how much you were borrowing, what the interest rate was, or even how many years the payments went on for.


Challenge Your Secured Personal Loans

The employees who sold you the financing probably did not really understand much of what was in the documents either. They are typically hired because of their knowledge of the product the are selling, such as appliances, electronics, musical instruments, or whatever, not because of the financing background. Thus, with so much fine print and legalese, no one really knew what was being signed.

Now that you are struggling with an unaffordable secured personal loan, this lack of disclosure and other deficiencies can provide leverage to settle the loan at a discount – or not pay it at all.


Cleanse Your Secured Personal Loans

Debt Cleanse Group Legal Services exists to help you level the playing field with the lender, servicer, dealer who sold you the product, any warranty or insurance provider, and anyone else responsible for your unaffordable secured personal loan. We’re here to help you assert your rights against harmful practices, aggressive creditors, and unscrupulous debt buyers. Debt Cleanse can connect you with an attorney empowered with Debt Cleanse tactics who can help explore your options and assist you in cleansing your secured personal loan. Take your first step towards a fresh financial start by calling Debt Cleanse today.


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