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Clear your student debt for potentially pennies on the dollar
Student loans have a reputation for being hard to shake, but it's possible to push back and negotiate discounted settlements. Private student loans aren't much different from any other unsecured debt, like a credit card. Government-backed student loans, however, have a number of debt collection "superpowers" and can be more difficult to discharge, however you still have rights. 
DebtCleanse can help you exercise them to clear your student debt at discounts. 

Clearing government-backed student loans


Clearing private student loans




6 steps to beat your debts


1. Call for your free debt review
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3. Engage your attorney to fight for you
4. Stockpile cash
5. Crush your debt to bits
6. Live your life debt free  







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Billion dollar corporations have lawyers and tools to tip the scales in their favor.

With DebtCleanse, so do you.

DebtCleanse is a nationwide group legal plan that empowers you to take control of your bills and get out from under crushing debt. Break the debt payment cycle by working with skilled attorneys empowered with proven strategies to combat debt collectors.

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